AngelicVoicesMinistry Team

Vanderbilt Evans, Jr.


General Operations Manager

A music producer, currently overseeing all AVM's music productions.

Asim Robinson

Vice President

Business Manager

Software Developer, currently developing the AVM app.

Music & Video Distributor

Launched in 2006

Their online retailers include Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon Music, and BeatPort.

Music Video Director


Films and produces AVM music videos.

Elwood Legette

Executive Television Operator

Elwood is an Information Technician (IT)  for  AngelicVoicesMinistry record label. He is developing the AVM TV Network.  His experience includes working as audio/visual technician for American Express.



Hip-Hop Gospel

Bronx singer/songwriter, keyboardist and music producer that is efficient in all genres but specializes in Gospel.

Asim I.I.


Brooklyn rapper that loves to cipher. He is constantly on tour performing in Cipher battles or performing his singles produced by AVM.

Artist BIOs


Virtuoso Composer AngelicVoices AKA Angelic was born June 29 1973 Manhattan NYC. His skill includes being a Dj, keyboard player, singer-songwriter and music producer. He grew up in Harlem NYC and his inspiration comes from Djing with his mentors being DJ Ez Rock, DJ Steve D, and his cousin Aqanza Jones! AngelicVoices got his name when he heard a silent whisper from GOD and knew his purpose was to bring great music and a new sound to the industry. He is also the Minister of Music for his church Messengers of Light in the Bronx NYC. He worked at the Bad Boy Studios making beats for the Livewell Network Cipher Tour. A multi-award-winning music producer, AngelicVoicesMusic has created through the years a massive music catalog.


A rapper based in Brooklyn that has been a lyricist for over 20 years, touring for different cipher events, such as the Livewell Network. He has release a impress number of projects, and collaboration with such artists as AngelicVoicesMusic, Keisha Martin, the Soyemi Sisters, and Keemanee King Chaka. Asim I.I. is also a multi-award winning artist.