About Us

AngelicVoicesMinistry Records


AngelicVoicesMinistry is a record label headed by Vanderbilt Evans, Jr. in partnership with Asim Robinson. Evans, Jr. is a minister of music at the Message of Life Church in The Bronx, New York. Robinson is a veteran rapper from Brooklyn who met Hip-Hop music producer AngelicVoicesMusic (AngelicVociesMinistry/Symphonic) at the Bad Boy Studios making beats for artists of the cipher Livewell Network. Asim was using AVM beats. Asim immediately signed with the AngelicVociesMinistry record label as Asim I.I. and came in as a partner of the imprint. Together the two have expanded the music label imprint, that is not only distributed by Symphonic distribution; produces music for its artists and others; market and promotes its artists products; provide artist development, but also produces its artists' music videos via LikeVisions - the labels' director and cinematographer.

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